Saraf Stretches Hit String to 32: Barsati Saraf continued his streak at Factory of Sadness today, even as the ballgame did not go his way. The Buckhead shortstop was 1-for-4 in today's contest and now has hit safely in his last 32 games. The Bowties were not as fortunate, losing 9-4 to the Cleveland Browns.

"Saraf was hitting everything we threw at him," said Cleveland manager Greg Diersing. "He is a tough out. Fortunately, things went our way in the ballgame today and we came away with a win."
Barsati Saraf flied out in the 2nd, struck out in the 4th, singled in the 6th and struck out in the 9th.

Currently Saraf has 4 home runs and a .294 batting average.
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